Let's get this party started!

It has been a crazy year!  I honestly can't believe it has been almost a year to the day since started on this journey.  To give everyone a little of the background... My very good friend, Jerrica, sent me a Pin on Pinterest that inspired this entire business!  Initially I had thought about implementing the idea for someone else, and then it HIT me! Why not do it as my own business?! My sister, Kelsey, has been encouraging me for years to start my own business...

The more I thought about it, the more I loved it.  Loving an idea is one thing... Implementing it is a whole other animal!  The name was actually suggested by my boyfriend and it fits perfectly.  My middle name is Ashlee, so D.ash stands for Dana Ashlee and is also meant to describe the main type of events I plan.  I've had an outstanding amount of support that has kept me going through the slow times.

Now it is 2016, I am pumped and ready to get this party started!!! I will be planning, pinning and posting way more, so be on the lookout! <3 Dana