Dash Events has been a work in progress since February 2015.  

Pop up weddings (high end elopements) are for a variety of people.  

  • Couples who are interested in spending their money on a honeymoon or a down payment on a house instead of a traditional ceremony and reception.
  • Couples who are not financially able to pay for a 300 person wedding.
  • People who have anxiety just thinking about being the center of attention in a room of 200 people.
  • People who don't have the time or energy to plan for a year and a half.

We provide intimate weddings that are more personal than a court house and more romantic than a Vegas wedding.


Dash is a play on my name, Dana Ashlee.  (D.ASH)  It has double-meaning with fast paced events!


My Story

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a wedding planner.  It wasn't because the Jennifer Lopez film, or David Tutera's show.  I have always wanted to be a part of such a special, happy day!  I've lived in many places as a child because both my parents were in the Air Force.  I was born in Guam and later moved to Nebraska, Montana, and Colorado.  

I moved to Nebraska for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management program.  I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree and an emphasis in Event Planning.  I have worked in the event industry for more than seven years at various hotel and event venues in Colorado and Nebraska.  I call Colorado Springs home, but I have family throughout Nebraska and South Dakota.

 I am particularly passionate about wedding planning, most likely because of my love of everything Disney.  When I'm not dreaming up fairy-tale weddings, I love to sing, dance, read, travel with family and friends, eat great food, and taste both wine and beer.

For all of my Myers-Briggs nerds out there, I'm an ENFJ.  

My top Five Gallup Strengthsfinder - Activator | Maximizer | Futuristist | Individualization | Connectedness

I am INCREDIBLY blessed.  There are so many people who have supported me with this endeavor!  I will be ever grateful to my amazing parents and two beautiful sisters for their love and support.  I could never thank every person for help, but here are a few:


Mom & Dad: Inspiring me to be the best I can be, supporting me in all my adventures, and your unconditional love.

Kelsey: Encouraging me for YEARS to start my own business and helping that dream come true!

Julia: Being my sounding board for every idea and design I have, and being a constant pillar of support.

Blake: Being such a positive influence on me!  And also cracking the whip when I got discouraged.

Kari & Gary: Raising such a wonderful man, and being an amazing resource and support system.

Ashley: Sticking with me for 15 years, being the best friend a girl could ask for, and helping me with the website!

Nicole: Helping me stay sane through the crazy times and still having a smile on your face!

Jerrica: Teaching me so much and sending me the pin which inspired this whole business.

Melinda: Igniting my passion and being my classiest, wisest mentor.

Melissa & Andy, Corey, Chelsea, & Shelly: For being the best of the best in the business and being fantastic vendors!

Caitlin: Creating a kick-ass logo.